How To Become A Business Book Author

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We are looking for small business owners who are serious about boosting their professional credibility and becoming part of a growing brand. Who want to attract new customers and who understand that THE BEST MARKETING TOOL available is their own business book!

APPLY NOW – We are looking for new, exciting, business authors. You will be given all the help and support needed to write and publish your book – APPLY TO BECOME A SOLOPRENEUR GUIDE AUTHOR TODAY!

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7 Priceless Reasons Why You Should Become A Solopreneur Guide Business Author

  1. Establishes you as the 'Go-To' person in your field
  2. Creates instant CREDIBILITY
  3. Instantly improves your customer/client base
  4. Free PR and media access
  5. Creates the potential for multiple streams of income
  6. The Best CALLING CARD ... effortlessly selling you and your business
  7. Satisfies any personal dreams to share your knowledge and gifts with the world with an established brand

Solopreneur Business Book Club

Becoming a Solopreneur Guide author will…

Help you produce a credible business book, under an established brand, and with excellent marketing support, your Solopreneur Guide will become the single best marketing tool for your business.

If chosen you will be coached through the writing process. The books are written to a certain unique formula. The 5 or 6 most frequently asked questions within your chosen field or topic create the chapter headings for you to write?

The team at The Solopreneur Ltd will help you to deliver a quality book will elevate your status in your chosen field of expertise. Becoming part of the Solopreneur Guide author team you will learn how to use your book as leverage for more business.

How do I qualify?

We are looking for business people who are…

  • Experts in their field
  • Active in social media marketing
  • Understand the importance of growing a client list
  • Understand the value of writing a book as part of their overall business strategy
  • Able to commit to, and achieve, agreed deadlines
  • Excited about becoming a published author and part of a growing brand

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