Write A Business Book

by Gail Powell

Write A Business Book - book by Gail Powell

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Why should solopreneurs or small business owners write a business book? The answer is simple: so that they can be known as an 'authority' in their field.

Authority equals much more than just a healthy customer base; as well as introducing a raft of new opportunities, authority brings a loyal following. Gail explains how to convert the interest from your tribe into continuous passive income.

This book is the key to escaping the 'time for money trap'. If you want to be noticed and not overlooked in today's crowded marketplace, read Gail and Diane's practical, effective advice and be inspired to get your own business book written.

About The Author

Gail Powell authorGail Powell started her career in the eighties in radio production before launching a marketing and media business. After a successful fifteen-year run, Gail felt it was time for a change in direction and studied to become a performance and business coach. Today, alongside her own radio show, Gail writes a number of sports and business performance columns in UK and international magazines. She also freelances as an editor, and has published a variety of performance and business eBooks, printed books, and CDs. Her most recent title, '7 Secrets of A Highly Successful Golfer; achieved Amazon No. 1 best-seller status under 'Golf' – a very competitive category.

Gail, through her company, Solopreneur Publishing Limited, help business owners struggling to differentiate themselves from their competition. Her blueprint process towards building a platform of authority is very much in demand, due to the results her clients realise. Gail's firm belief is that the easiest and quickest route to both visibility and credibility starts with the writing of a business book. To this aim, she penned 'Write a Business Book'. There are many books out there that tell business owners how to write a book, but if these would-be authors don't understand why they're taking on such a task, nor how to use their book effectively within their overall marketing strategy, the whole initiative is likely to be a waste of their time.

Gail is passionate about giving her clients a 'voice', as well as guiding aspiring authors through the minefield that is the publishing industry in this digital age.

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