Link Up With LinkedIn

by Judy Parsons

Link Up With Linked In - book by Judy Parsons

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Book Description

This isn't the first guide on how to use social media platform LinkedIn, but it's certainly one of the best. Filled with clear explanations and practical walkthroughs, Judy Parsons shows every 'one-man-brand' or Solopreneur how to make LinkedIn an effective tool in their marketing arsenal.

Technology may advance day by day, but the fact that people buy people never will. Judy encourages readers to make the most of their LinkedIn connections, and how not to damage such fledgling relationships with endless self-promotion.

In short, this book will help you to understand and master LinkedIn. As a result, you'll gain targeted contacts, a well-organised CRM system and opportunities to promote your expertise – all of which will help bring you qualified, interested buyers on an ongoing basis.

About The Author

Judy ParsonsJudy Parsons cut her marketing teeth working in the I.T. and Telecoms sectors, generating leads for sales teams. After ten years in the corporate sector, Judy felt it was time to pursue her passion for online marketing. It was then that she launched 'Build Your Perfect Tribe', to help SMEs and start-up businesses maximise the potential of LinkedIn to attract their ideal clients.

Judy is passionate about demystifying and untangling LinkedIn so that her clients can make the most of the time they spend on the social media platform. She helps them understand how to use LinkedIn to research their market and build targeted new leads and relationships. In Yorkshire, and surrounding areas, she delivers exclusive, bespoke training, consultancy and managed services – helping new businesses grow their communities by 800% in as few as six months.

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