Presentations That Ignite Your Audience

by Emma Sutton

Presentations That Ignite Your Audience by Emma Sutton

Book Description

Everyone presents. Yet as a solopreneur, presenting is part and parcel of marketing your business and helping more people to know about what you do and how you can help them. Whether you are just presenting your answer to the question "what do you do," delivering a short presentation at a networking group, or presenting your pitch to potential clients, being able to present well can have a huge impact on your business.

Whatever your business, there is no doubt that you need the skills to talk to groups of people and have them pay attention and listen to you. You need to be able to influence others, to lead them, to convince them to buy from you or to share your vision for your company's future.

Get inspired, gain confidence, and learn how to WOW people with your presentation skills by reading this fantastic book.

About The Author

Emma SuttonFor over twenty years, Dr Emma Sutton has been swimming against the tide of "pour and snore" in designing and delivering presentations that ignite her audience, as well as helping others to do the same. With a passion for creating experiences that have a powerful impact on those listening, she has refined her own unique processes to create a fast-track approach that can also have your presentations designed in record time. Initially trained as a Chemical Engineer, Emma was given a part-time role delivering workshops for her department and soon fell in love with the experience. After her initial nerves at speaking and presenting (yes, her mouth was dry), she rapidly developed an innovative approach that had people entranced from her opening line to her closing call to action. With experience delivering presentations and workshops in the private, public and charitable sectors, throughout the UK, as well as in Europe and USA, she has a wealth of experience on which to draw.

Since leaving her scientific career, she has focussed on delivering presentations and workshops on themes as diverse as Cancer Awareness, Creativity, Chemistry and Communication. She has coached organisations such as the NHS, Cancer Research UK and Birmingham University to deliver powerful presentations using her unique SPARK process. As a Member of the Professional Speaking Association and an Award-Winning speaker*, Emma is passionate about helping individuals and businesses to share their expertise and their passion with others through presenting and speaking, whilst helping ensure that what they say is Unforgettable.
(*voted Speaker of the Year by the Professional Speaking Association in Scotland)