Pricing For Profit

by Michelle Reynolds

Pricing For Profit - book by Michelle Reynolds

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Book Description

Many small business owners fail because they struggle to sort out their pricing structure to maximise sales and profit.

You could set a price you think is right, but price too high and you won't sell your product or service. Price it too low and you'll soon run out of cash.

Pricing is a balancing act. It's subjective. There are no hard and fast rules about how much people will pay for what they get. You know that just from going round the supermarkets – one tin of beans is more costly than another. There are reasons for the differences, but there's one thing for sure – each manufacturer knows how much money they make for every tin of beans sold. Michelle has written this book to help you know your beans!

About The Author

Michelle ReynoldsWith 28 years in industry, Michelle has an enviable track record in financial management. After a rapid rise to Management Accountant in her early career, she became Finance Director of a substantial £70 million pound business aged just 33. Responsible for the organisation's finance, IT, MIS and commercial functions, she managed a major turnaround that transformed the future of the group.

In 2007, Michelle left the corporate world to set up her own company, a profit growth consultancy aimed at helping small to medium-sized businesses focus on customer value and profitable growth. Her clients range from start-ups to larger established companies.

Much of Michelle's time is dedicated to working along-side her clients as part of their management team, looking after their growth strategies, managing their finances and providing decision making support. She runs workshops on pricing and on how to grow a profitable business. Her aim in business – to encourage business owners to focus not on just selling more, but on making more profit and creating cash rich businesses.

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