Savvy Social Media

by Ross Hewitt

Savvy Social Media - marketing book by Ross Hewitt

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Book Description

It's hard to believe that some solopreneurs and small business owners today still don't use social media as a valued tool in their digital marketing arsenal. And even for those who do, common misconceptions and a lack of appropriate focus yield little return for their time.

This book not only shows you how best to use social media for your business, it explains exactly why talking with your customers will always be better than shouting at them.

With exercises to determine the right social media platforms for your business and industry, easy to understand advice and explanation, and a wealth of tips and tricks on how to get the most from your online efforts, Savvy Social Media deserves to be on every solopreneur's book-shelf.

About The Author

Ross Hewit - authorRoss is a geek with immense marketing tendencies, and has been working in the realms of online marketing since 1998; a time when people frowned a lot as websites were being discussed and social networking was something you only did in a pub.

Here we are many years later, clutching our smartphones and wondering how we ever managed without the internet all those years ago. In between now and then, Ross has worked through the entire online revolution in a number of different industries and as a consultant has helped the likes of Manchester United, UPPAbaby, Science in Sport, William Hill, Silver Cross, the Government and a whole host of SMEs work their way through many different aspects of digital marketing and ecommerce.

He set up Secret Pie, his own consultancy, at the start of 2010 and continues to work with a wide range of clients across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. He also recently launched a programme of digital marketing training courses aimed at SME owners and solopreneurs.

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