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Solopreneur Business Book Club

Bad habits often seem soooo easy to fall into, yet good habits really take some effort and persistence to lock down as part of the natural flow of life.

This is true of all aspects of life for many people, and it is especially true in business. At The Solopreneur we want to help as many small business owners and solopreneurs shake off as many bad business habits as possible. We aim to do this through our training workshops and peer group networking sessions, as well as through our series of Solopreneur's Guides.

Even better than shaking off a bad habit is developing a truly great one, and this is where our Small Business Book Club comes in.

They say 'knowledge is power', and you can exponentially grow your business knowledge by getting into the habit of regularly learning and reading about a new topic that will help you and your business to develop.

Our Book Club service will set you off on the path towards new areas of business enlightenment. Upon joining we will send you a copy of one our Solopreneur's Guides. Then, for a small recurring monthly fee we will send you another book from the series every 6 weeks.

You will also receive a regular email newsletter that will give you more ideas and information about the topics covered in each book we send you. We will also provide special offers to access other great services that will help you to grow your business.

How It Works

The Book Club costs just £10 to join. Once you have joined, we will send you one of the books from our Solopreneur's Guides series.

From then on you will be charged just £5 a month for your membership. We will continue to send you a new book from the ever-expanding series every 6 weeks. All of our Solopreneur's Guides have a retail price of at least £6.99. You will also receive discounts and sometimes free passes for our BIG meetings & events, as well as a permanent £15 discount off any of our Training Workshops & Courses.

There is no minimum period of membership and you are free to cancel at any time by giving us 30 days notice.

Book Club Terms & Conditions:

  • A one-off membership fee of £10 is payable to join the Book Club
  • We will send you a book of our choice from the Solopreneur's Guides series within 7-10 working days of joining
  • After the first month of membership a recurring £5 fee will then be taken every month thereafter
  • We will send you a further book of our choice from the Solopreneur's Guides series every 6 weeks after your membership commences
  • You can cancel your membership at any time by giving us 30 days notice by email using the contact form on this website
  • No returns or refunds are available